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Advanced Condition Monitoring

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Downtime. For a facility manager, that means added costs for equipment repairs and lost revenue for as long as the equipment remains idle. To minimize downtime, you need to be able to monitor your equipment for performance issues, and identify problems before equipment failure occurs. SensoNODE™ is your first step in advanced condition monitoring. This dynamic system provides consistent and accurate readings for pressure, humidity, and temperature for key decision support to optimize asset and system performance. By having immediate access to vital information, users can evaluate any pressure, temperature or humidity change that may damage components and systems over time.

​Monitoring your equipment’s health accurately and efficiently is one of the best ways to help decrease downtime and minimize unforeseen costs — which is more important than ever as system requirements continually demand improved performance and greater availability. SensoNODE™ gives you the information you need for the protection your system can’t run without.

Mobile Monitoring

control technology
SensoNODE™ Mobile is an advanced condition monitoring system that combines remote monitoring and Bluetooth® Smart1 technology to deliver low cost and simple installation, along with an intuitive user interface for easy operation.

At its heart are five, low power sensors that easily attach to machinery and monitor pressure, humidity, and temperature in even the most difficult-to-reach locations. Information is transmitted directly to a robust data platform on the user’s mobile device, which is designed to trend, assess, and monitor machine health quickly and accurately.

​This information is vital to users to help extend machine life and predict failure before it occurs, helping to eliminate costly downtime and reduce unnecessary maintenance routines. SensoNODE™ Mobile is designed for fast installation without wires or tools, and the wireless sensors are engineered for extended battery life. The system can be used for both liquid and gas, and is designed to work in multiple configurations with various pressure ranges.

SensoNODE™ Mobile can be used in industries, such as:
  • • Mobile equipment
    • Life sciences
    • R&D laboratories
    • Paper and metal manufacturing
    • Power generation
    • Waste treatment
    • Pumping stations
    • HVAC
    • Food and beverage packing
    • And many others that rely on motor-driven equipment

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